Tzu Chi medical & nursing care [Vol. 32]:Vegan Vogue Keeps Epidemics at Bay


作者:Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation [edited]


出版社:Buddist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation

出版地:Hualien, Taiwan


Cover Story 1
Vegan Vogue Keeps Epidemics at Bay

Cover Story 2
Cultivating Resilience
Tzu Chi medical care:medicine with humanity
Humanistic Medicine with Reverence for Life.
Saving Lives, Safeguarding Health, and Upholding the Spirit of Love.
  • Dharma Master’s Blessings Prevention of Epidemics through Vegetarian Diets, Repentance, Prayers, and the Divine Power of Love
  • Editorial Vegetarianism Prevents Diseases
  • Humanities Cure the Physical Heart and the Spiritual Self
  • Affinity of Marrow Stem Cells Donation Seeing Light through the Dust, Love Turns Life around
  • In Memoriam A Humble but Great Medical Scholar Tseng Wen-Pin, Honorary Superintendent of Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital